History of the Evolution of the Rose

Invested Titles of The Evolution of the Rose



HMIH The Suave and Debonair, Always a Gentleman, Imperial Prince Royale XLI

Fallon V. Montgomery

HMIH The Majestic Harajuku Mermaid, Imperial Princess Royale XLVI

Kimberly Michelle Westwood

First Gentleman

The Lovely Aaron Vanhelsing LaRose

First Lady

Meca B. Valentine

Eternal Sister to the Empress


Brother Prince of Truck Stop Relief

Daddy Daun

Eternal brother to the Empress

Derek Chavez

Imperial Zebra Sister to the Reign

Amara Lynn Foxx

Sister Princess of Super King

Adrienne Alexander

Brother Prince of the Appletini


Sister Princess of Radiance


Sultana Mouth to the Empress

Tia D. Valentine

Lady in Waiting

Ecstasy Inferno

Lady in Waiting


Lady in Waiting

Coco Petit

Lady in Waiting

Kimberly Michelle Westwood

Lady in Waiting

Hiroshima B. Valentine

Lady (Still) in Waiting

Malibu V. Boulevard

Gentleman to the Evolution


Gentleman in Waiting

Fallon V. Montgomery

Pastry Chef of the Empress’s Pasties


Seamstress of Stretch

Summer Lynn Seasons

Seamstress of Sequin

Sam Southards

The Server of T

William Hinkly

“Vidame” to the Evolution

Cheryl Beatrice Hall

Jongleur to the Emperor


Sancho to the Empress

Drewy King

Royal Nephew to the Empress

Dustin B. Valentine

Spiritual Advisor to the Emperor

Auntie Foxx

Guardian Knight of the Evolution

Jay Dela Rosa

Madame of Cockney

Marlene Desmond

Count of the Next Evolution

Aaron Scities

Countess of Couture


Official Jeweler to the Emperor

Cory Yanciw

Grand Duke of the Evolution

Rebel Robby

Duke of the Evolution

Justin Buckles

Royal Duke

Roxy LaRoy

The Dutchess of Pride

Roxy Starr

The Duchess of Puss


Baby Brother to the Emperor

Tragic Demise

Star Sister of the South


Southern Husband to the Empress

Matty Doll

Latina Sister of the South

RiRi Caliente

Sister Princess of the South

Sunshine Ray

Baroness to the Evolution

London B.

Baroness to the Evolution


Royale Baroness


The Butch Dyke Baron

Molly Doll

Feminine Feline Baroness

Erin McPerson

Countess of the Next Evolution

Sugar Pill

The Cross Country Crocheting Countess


Sir Luna of Color Blocking

Luna Lockhart

Historian of the Court

Daniel Foxx

The Empress's Pleaser

Kenny Hart Schock

Master of Couture

Julian Beaute'

Keeper of the Ladies of the Lodge

Mark Boyer

Sister Seamstress of Classiness

Hellin Heels

Keeper of the Gravy

Jordan Powell

Mother to the Reign

Krista Beaute

Grand Mother to the Reign

Jersey Scities

The Ze Shuey Keeper of the Zhum

Michael David D.

The Empess's Private Dancer

Jayla Rose

The lady of Beauty of the Evolution

Char Starr

Emerald Sister to the Evolution

Korrine Snap

Brother of the Diamond to the Evolution

Charlie King

Baron of the Evolution

Hayden Eyesli

Sister of the Diamond to the Evolution

Diamond Tyde

Baroness of the Evolution

Victoria Eyesli

The Empress WaWa


The Duke of Duckness

Jimmi Cricket

Sister to the Emperor

Rhea Rhange

Marquis to the Evolution


Magical Merlin to the Evolution


Gentleman to the Evolution

Brandon Glover

Bother to the Empress

Tony Spice

Sister Empress to the Evolution


Brother Emperor to the Evolution


Mistress of the Chronic

Cuntrika Platinum

Conscience to the Mistress of Chronic

George Lee

Royal Chauffeur to the Empress

Clyde S. Dale Clementine

Guardian Angel to the Evolution


The Keeper of Mountains

Shelly Smith

Brother to the Emperor

John J.J. Alfonso

Sister to the Emperor

Wendy Olmstead

Wifey from the Northside of Town to the Emperor

Jessavelle Von Tramp

The Empress Jewelry Maker

Godiva Devyne

The Knight of Steam

Glitter John

Scavenger Hunt Master

Corey Gene Foxx

The Keeper of Acrylics

Tron D. Vanetine

Sister, Milkman, Husband, Wife thing to the Empress

Vega Starr

Royal Puppy of the Reign


Duchess of Glamour & Beauty

Priscilla Blackstone

Leather Defender of the Reign

Sir Steven

Leather Protectress of the Reign

Shawna Clausen

Historian of the Images

Greg Bear

Keeper of the Royal Fist

Cole Minor

Imperial Puppy of the Reign

Pup Booster

The Count of the Kink

Bill Westervelt

The Empress Teddy Bear

Ryan Brainerd

Brother Prince of Rubber Balls and Liquor 

Greg Baumgardner

Imperial Hubby Poo to the Empress


Duchess to the Evolution


Dutchess to the Evolution


Duke to the Evolution


Baroness to the Evolution


Sister Princess of the Lady Jewels

The Lady Kay

Vicious Platinum Boulevard


Oddysey Nightengale Valentine


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