Gay Oregon Candidate Interviews

Gay Oregon Candidate Interviews

You will not be interviewed without first showing valid State of Oregon photo ID indicating at least one year of residency and a minimum 21 years of age. 

About the Interviews-

All Rose Monarchs present and Members of the Board have the right to ask questions and to vote to reject or accept any application.  Rejected applicants will only be informed that they were not approved, no reason will be given.  Additionally, all current Rose Court titleholders, past Gay Oregon’s, the reigning Monarchs of Eugene and Salem may also attend and submit written questions in advance but may not ask questions during the interview and may not vote to accept or reject an application for candidacy.

Please review the attached Oregon Checklist and the Operations Manual section pertinent to these titles.  Bring any questions to the Interviews.

Because this is a judged title there is NO campaigning.  No posters, flyers, T-shirts, bus signs, Facebook postings, letters to Monarchs, did I mention no Facebook posting?  Please, do not put the Board in the position of disqualifying you!  Approved candidates will be given contact information for the Candidate Coordinator- that is the only person that can give you an absolute answer for any questions about the rules and process of the evening.  As a reminder, judging consists of four parts.  Please review the requirements for the evening if you have questions about the sections.

As an applicant you have “free” admission to the Gay Oregon Pageant.  If you have others participating in your number during the evening or assisting as your dresser they must pay prior to entering the venue.  Only one dresser may be with you in the dressing area, absolutely no exceptions.

Welcome to the next step in your Gay Oregon Adventure!

Event Properties

Event Date 06-06-2016 7:00 pm
Individual Price Free
Darcelle XV Showplace
208 NW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97209, USA
Darcelle XV Showplace


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