31st Annual Ms.Leather & Ms.Lace pageant

31st Annual Ms.Leather & Ms.Lace pageant


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This year will be the first time the Ms. Leather & Ms.lace pageant will not be held at the Escape in a while. We want to ensure the YOUTH community knows that we are here to support. We have two GREAT individuals who have represented the youth this year. Franky Bear and Steele Hart Aria Minor have both supported the community……. They both have been very passionate about the PAGEANT and have sacrificed a lot to get to where they are today with the pageant. I am so very honored to not have just watch these two grow but that I am able to assist in there stepdown.

The Ms. Leather and Ms. Lace Pageant is a very RICH IN HISTORY pageant. There have been huge Portland ICONS who have come from this Pageant. They have been great warriors and protectors for us at the youth club.

So it’s no surprise that we had to pick some of the BEST WARRIORS who understand the importance of this PAGEANT. It’s with great pleasure we announce the HOST for the pageant. Our first host will be Doctor Chance de Valmont who has ran the pageant before in the past. He is so knowledgeable of the pageant that he has UP TO DATE records of every program and winners. So who better than our Reigning Prince Chance to help lead this project? The other host of this pageant happens to be our Reigning Princess as well ……see what I mean about HUGE ICONS who have come from the pageant..... Not only is Char Bauman a huge activist in our community but she too held the Title of Ms. Lace 16 so who better than her to represent this pageant!!!!! These two understand the HISTORY and grew up from the YOUTH community, and I know they are true fighters for the youth community!

*******Some things we need from everyone!!!!!!******


Full Page Ads $30

Half Page Ads $15

Please consider helping the youth and letting them know you’re here to help to. Place an AD for them as this will help cover cost for Venue. If you have any questions about placing an AD please reach out to Kenty Truong, Meca Muniz, and Myself.


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Event Date 09-17-2017 5:00 pm
Individual Price Free


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