As Oregon’s Oldest LGBTQ+ organization, the roots of Pride are something the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court would like to acknowledge as being a catalyst for our existence. At the forefront of these riots were trans women of color like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, pride itself owes its very existence to a riot.

With the murders of so many black people in America we recognize that now is a time for action. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Andre Emmett, and many others all deserve to have justice. We are at a time where we recognize that our black community needs to be heard, respected, listened to and elevated.

We implore all our members to get involved directly to help. We ask that you help us stand up against racism, if you can donate monetarily, do so. We recommend The Black Resilience Fund or the local NAACP Chapter. Please consider joining our black brothers and sisters at the protests. We also encourage all our members to fundraiser for black specific organizations as they are hurting right now and need our help.

We also recognize that we are not perfect, that we have struggled to help and that we have plenty of room for growth. The Rose Court has always valued diversity. To continue our growth we have chosen to enroll ourselves in diversity, equity and inclusion training. This training will be mandatory for all board members and strongly encouraged for the rest of our organization. It is our hope that we will be able to recognize where we have faltered before and to build a new foundation of diversity where our BIPOC brothers and sisters can have a seat at the table, and have a platform to excel and shine.
We know that we have not done the best, but we are committed more than ever to stand up against racism and help our black brothers and sisters. We encourage all of you to take the stand with us.


A Message from the Board of Directors and Monarchs of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court.

The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court has proudly been a part of the community for over 60 years. It has been the mission of the ISRC to help the community’s unmet needs through fundraising. Our Events are designed to entertain and provide an inclusive, accepting, and safe space for all the diverse members of our community.
In recent months we have addressed concerns related to bullying and the very real feelings of community members not feeling as welcome or supported as we intended. This is a very serious concern for all members of the ISRC and is not consistent with our message.
To be a stronger and more supportive organization we have taken some steps to help provide a deeper level of education to our Board of Directors, title holders and community members.
We issued a statement of intolerance for bullying and have engaged in multiple conversation about the management of that process. We are preparing a detailed process for escalation of complaints that will be adopted and published in our Operations Manual. This will help all members to understand the process and allow for more clarity.
We recognize a need for deeper training, and we have set up a diversity and inclusion training course that is open to all, including the courts and organizations of Oregon, this training will be held via Zoom Conferencing on July 7th, 2020 at 7 PM. The invite and sign on information will be available on the ISRC website as well as the ISRC Facebook page.
Our second training will be transgender and non-binary sensitivity training. This training date will be finalized and scheduled in July. The final date is to be determined upon availability of the facilitator.
The ISRC takes issues related to personal safety and mental well-being very seriously and will post suicide prevention information on our website. We will have printed materials available at all events. Our representatives will keep this information available to share with anyone that may want or need the information.
The Board of Directors will work to tighten the monthly meetings to better follow the meeting agenda. We will work to prevent inappropriate conversations that ultimately leaving members feeling unwelcomed. The Board of Directors further commits to provide follow up communication on the progress of these actions.
The ISRC recognizes that in order to stay viable and relevant we must change and grow with our community. By focusing our attention on growth, we hope to be able to provide financial support and community togetherness for many more years to come.
This message is endorsed by the Board of Directors and the Monarchs of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court.

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